kamalia khaddar house ?

Kamalia Khaddar house (KKH) is a fabric Manufacturing Company that has remained a dual-focused company, with an equally held commitment to both the manufacturing of khaddar and Retail Customers. Whose working is unique & transparent. Our valued customers often enjoy the facility to visualize the live production demonstration transforming from the raw material to the finished product. We always make sure to deliver our Valuable product to our valued customer. Our products show sustainable growth, outpacing the current growth of the markets and constantly expanding product range. We are pleased to make the offer of high-quality products at competitive conditions for our customers.

Intro about khaddar

Khadi is also known as khaddar. It is usually a rough textured fabric. Khadi refers to handwoven and hand spun cloth. Weavers prefer yarn produced by mills because it is more robust and consistent in quality. Yarn is a strand composed of fibres, filaments (individual fibres of extreme length), or other materials, either natural or synthetic, suitable for use in the construction of interlaced fabrics, such as woven or knitted types. The threads or Fibres are interwoven in such a manner that they provide passage of air in the fabric. Durable khadi comes in many colours and is not harmful to skin. The Khaddar absorbs moisture and easily soaks sweat and keeps the wearer cool and dry. Khaddar comes in plain as well as printed fabrics. The most common outfit is the Shalwar Suit